Cloud solutions for healthcare providers

What we do

Managed Cloud solutions for medical professionals

Cloud Servers make sense for users that work from multiple locations or do a lot of work from home. A fixed monthly cost may be preferable to the capital expense of an on-premises server. We provide managed cloud servers running Genie, Best Practice and Shexie.

The most common use at present is for travelling professionals. If you spend more time away from your main office than in it, a cloud server is probably the best option for you.

If you don’t want the hassle of maintaining local servers, and you have fast reliable Internet access, a cloud server is an option that is becoming the choice of many businesses. In a short amount of years it will be unusual to house local servers.

If you would prefer a flat monthly cost rather than a large capital investment every 4 or 5 years, a cloud server may be the best option for you financially.



Take your business anywhere and never miss an update. With a cloud-based workflow, any device with an internet connection becomes an easy way to update patient notes, arrange billing, schedule appointments, and anything else you may do from the traditional practice server.


Cloudland technicians are highly trained in managing our cloud servers, with a working knowledge of their architecture and hosted software. Because of this, you can rest assured that if something does go wrong, it can be easily solved with minimal impact on your practice.


Stay up to date with all the latest security, anti-virus, and performance updates included at no extra cost to you. Cloud servers are easily customisable and secure. Gone are the days of upgrading a physical server in a dusty back room, say hello to the age of cloud!

Why cloud?

Managed Network Security

Anti-Virus, Spam Filters, Firewalls, Education, Backups that can be relied upon.

These are all parts of the security puzzle.

All Internet connections should have a simple firewall in place. This may just be your router and, setup properly, prevents bad data entering your network. Unfortunately in the time of Ransomware this no longer offers adequate protection. We need a way to protect your systems from accessing bad data on the Internet.

Cisco Umbrella, formally OpenDNS is the best in class managed secure networking system, comprehensively protecting your users from contact with danger on the Internet. Setup properly, it is now more effective than traditional anti-virus systems, is affordable and easy to use.

Internet content is blocked by category and by policy, over which you have fine grained control.

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Automated backups

We perform automated backups of your data every 24 hours. This ensures you always have a copy if you lose something important


All our servers are protected with modern Anti-Virus software to protect you online


Cloudland servers are secured with the very latest firewalls to keep out hackers. Any connection to our servers is carefully checked, and unauthorised requests blocked


Our team of technicians are highly trained in identifying and solving any issues that may arise, often before they even affect a clinic

Enterprise hardware

Enterprise grade Samsung SSD storage with Intel Core i7 processor, all maintained for you

Flexible scaling

Need more memory? No problem! We can adjust the resources you need now and dynamically scale up and down as you need more or less


We use premium bandwidth with ports up to 1Gbps speed. Due to this, our servers are more reliable and fast when you need them


Any devices used in a practice can connect to our servers - PCs, Macs, phones, tablets, getting online is easy and staying connected is even easier