Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cloud server?

Rather than putting a server into your business, you can “rent” a server that lives in a data centre. Such centres are the building blocks that make up the majority of the Internet. Because the server can then be accessed from any Internet connected location, the term cloud server has become fashionable.

Is a cloud server right for me?

Maybe, maybe not. We won’t suggest a cloud server unless we think it’s the right thing for your situation. In general, if you or your staff need to access your computer systems from outside your main location more often than when you are at that location, a cloud server is probably a good choice. Of course you will require reliable Internet in order to access your server.

We believe that cloud servers will become more common than on-site servers sometime in the near future. If you take all the factors of owning and running a server into account – initial cost, maintenance costs, electricity – you may decide that it makes more sense to simply pay a monthly hosting fee.
For more info, see our ‘Is a cloud server right for me?’ post

Where are the cloud servers located?

Cloudland’s servers are located in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

Are cloud servers secure?

Remote access to cloud servers is secured by dual factor authentication at least. The servers themselves are stored in secure data centres and are managed daily by our engineers. This makes them significantly more secure than a typical on-site server.

What happens to my data if I decide to stop using the cloud server?

You own your data and always will. At no time and for no reason will you be prevented from accessing your data. A complete copy of your data will be provided at any time it is requested, at a charge reasonable for the process of downloading and securely delivering such data.

What if I have other questions?

Contact us, and we’ll start a discussion about whether a cloud server is right for you and how we go about setting up.